3 Major Benefits of Programmable Home Thermostats

3 Major Benefits of Programmable Home Thermostats

Jan 23, 2017 | Blog

Your home’s heating and cooling are two of the most important aspects of homeownership. One of the easiest ways to improve your home’s heating and cooling, and provide a few advantages other homeowners aren’t receiving, is to use a programmable thermostat.

Improve Your Energy Use

Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners can reduce energy use in your home by up to 50%, and programmable thermostats can help lower your energy output even more. It’s more important than ever to have an energy-efficient home and using a programmable thermostat is a great way to achieve that household goal.

Spend Less On Energy Expenses

Using programmable thermostats provides you with the ability to have a set temperature in your home for your own personal comfort, subsequently allowing you to not spend as much on your energy bills. You can lower your utility bill by programming early on when and how much you want your thermostat to increase or decrease. You can adjust your home’s temperature by increasing the energy use when you and your family are actually inside your home and decreasing the amount of energy output your home is producing when you’re not home. Rather than jacking up the temperature during the winter and keeping it at a high rate even while you’re gone for hours on end, keep the temperature low and then adjust it when you’re home. You’ll save a significant amount of money this way.

Spend Less Time Adjusting Home’s Temperature

Another major benefit of programmable heating and cooling systems is that you won’t have to spend as much time fiddling with the thermostat. Traditional systems require you to have a set schedule of when to lower and increase the temperature yourself and can get confusing. Programmable systems, however, can be easily set once and then you won’t have to worry about it again. You can always go back and adjust the temperature as you see fit, but knowing it’s going to change as you programmed it will provide you and your family with the peace of mind of having one less thing to worry about.

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