3 Signs That You Need Commercial HVAC Services

3 Signs That You Need Commercial HVAC Services

Oct 18, 2016 | Blog

If you own a commercial property, your employees should be hard at work. They shouldn’t have to deal with heating emergencies or a malfunctioning air conditioning system. In fact, a faulty HVAC system can force you to close business or lessen productivity, which can be seriously reflected in your profit margins. That’s one reason why it’s so important to catch any problems early and practice preventative maintenance. Keep your eyes peeled for these tell-tale signs that your commercial property needs some help from a certified HVAC services provider:

There Are Complaints
You may not be around all the time, but if you are hearing complaints regarding the temperature or general climate of the store from customers, it’s important that you listen to them. It’s worth checking out whether or not your thermostat is reading the right numbers, which could be interfering with the comfortability of the store.

You Hear Noises
It’s true that noises and smells coming from an HVAC system are sometimes normal, but most commercial systems are actually designed to stay out of the workspace. So, if you hear or smell anything out of the ordinary, it could be trouble. Plus, it might seriously disrupt your workflow and the experience of your customers.

Utility Bills are Too High
Commercial property utility bills tend to run high, but if there is an unexplained spike at some point, it may indicate that an aspect of your heating and cooling system is in need of some professional service. Have an HVAC service check out your water pipes, furnace, and air conditioners. After all, something like a furnace only has a lifetime of about 10 years, so it could be that it is time to make a replacement.

Any other of the usual warning signs should also be heeded, and your building should be subject to regular inspections.
The maintenance of your physical store, its adherence to health codes and standards, and its general appeal to customers is what will keep them coming back over and over again. Don’t hesitate to practice preventative maintenance and make sure that your whole store is in order.