7 Ways Your Body Reacts to Air Conditioning

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June 12, 2018
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7 Ways Your Body Reacts to Air Conditioning

mini split acAround two-thirds of all American homes have an air conditioner, and many of those homes don’t even realize the full impact of having air conditioning on your body. Besides the obvious benefit of relief from oppressive summer heat and humidity, air conditioning has been shown to have many surprising health benefits when air conditioning installations are kept clean and well-maintained. Here are some ways you might notice your body reacting positively to your window AC unit, HVAC, mini split AC… whatever air conditioning service is at your home’s disposal.

  1. You’re sweating less.

    Your body sweats as a natural cooling response to heat. Sweating is normal and healthy but inconvenient when you’re not prepared for it or unhygienic if you’re sitting in your sweat all day. Increased sweating means a higher chance of dehydration, so you need to consistently drink water to keep up. It also clogs your skin’s pores and can make your skin and hair feel dull and dirty. Not to mention more laundry and pit stains in your t-shirts. Keeping your body temp down in your home saves the sweat for yard work or a weekend hike.

  2. Sleeping is easier and more satisfying.

    Sleep studies have shown time and time again that people sleep deeper and better in cold sleeping conditions. Sleeping in cool conditions lets your body repair itself at peak performance overnight and lets you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next day. For some, the white noise of a window AC unit also acts as a calming background sound to lull them to sleep. If the opposite is true for you, you can cut down on noise pollution with a quiet system such as a mini split AC.

  3. Your airborne allergies and asthma have improved.

    If you have asthma, air conditioning provides a much less irritating air quality than the pollen-heavy air of spring and summer. Many air conditioning units do a great job of filtering out dust and allergens in your home’s air. When an air conditioning unit is well-maintained, i.e. cleaned and repaired on a consistent basis, you can literally breathe easier.

  4. There are less insects bugging you.

    Window screens can’t always keep out the smallest bugs. If your windows are closed because you have an HVAC system or mini split AC, or they are filled by a window AC unit, then less summer pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and flies will be able to enter your home.

  5. Your temper stays cool.

    You’ll notice that you’re in a better mood when you’re staying cool. The discomfort that comes with extreme heat and humidity makes us irritable. Tempers flare during the summer, but AC helps keep the peace at home and in the office.

  6. You’re more productive and efficient.

    Spinning off of the idea of AC helping keep you in a better mood at home and work, you’ll find keeping cool helps you physically and mentally be able to complete more tasks with sharper mental ability. Heat causes us to become sluggish and less willing to vacuum or even coherently write an email. Revel in your ability to get more done with the modern magic of air conditioning!

If your body is yearning for better summer air right now, explore all of your options to find the best air conditioning strategy for your home. From simple to state-of-the-art, Carlson Duluth has an air conditioning option that is perfect for your needs. Contact Carlson Duluth today to ask about your favorite cooling ideas!