Don’t Drown in Expensive Plumbing Services With Tankless Water Heaters

Don’t Drown in Expensive Plumbing Services With Tankless Water Heaters

Oct 1, 2015 | Blog

Your days of rushing through a shower to ensure that no one gets stuck standing under freezing cold water because the hot water ran out may just be over. Older versions of water heaters can not only run out of hot water relatively quickly but also consume a large amount of energy. Plumbing services are implementing new types of tankless water heaters in an attempt to resolve these problems.

Older water heaters can account for an estimated 30% of a home’s entire energy costs. This is a substantial amount of money considering energy costs also include all other electric appliances including heating and cooling systems, and the everyday use of televisions or computers. This new technology has the ability to rapidly heat liquid only when needed, rather than consuming much more energy by continuously heating a limited reservoir for potential use.

Modern tankless water heaters can be 24 to 34% more energy efficient than previous storage tank water heaters for homes that use 41 gallons or less of water on a daily basis. Not only does the energy reduction lower your utility bill but is also by far the most environmentally friendly option. The less energy consumed, the less harmful impact humans have on nature.

These tankless models have an average life expectancy of more than 20 years, which will prove to be another substantial cost saver, and hassle saver, for homeowners who find they consistently need plumbing services. And due to their size compared to previous models, tankless heaters can provide extra space for more use or storage of the location.

The price required to purchase a tankless water heater, plus the cost of the installation by contractors, will easily be paid off overtime by the savings on energy bills. Plumbing services that offer tankless heaters are very experienced and professional and will offer quality products with reliable maintenance.