Home Heating: Reasons to Install a Ductless System

Home Heating: Reasons to Install a Ductless System

Jun 13, 2019 | Blog

Are you planning to upgrade your HVAC system? Quite often, your home will need a system that functions better than what you have been using for many years. Once that time comes, you will be required to make several decisions. For instance, you have to decide on the kind of system that will be more efficient for your house. According to surveys, about two-thirds of homes in America have air conditioners installed in them. If you look closely, you will notice that a majority of them have a ductless system. It is because they know that it is one of the ways to enjoy a better heating and cooling experience. Let us look at the main advantages of these systems.

Reduced chances of air leakages

The fact that this system does not include ducts and that the exterior compressor is connected to the interior part through a tiny hole in the walls means that there are fewer chances of air leakages when you compare them to the older versions. Leakages can lead to less efficiency when heating or cooling, and therefore, it is good to make sure that they are minimized. In addition to that, the small hole means that you will be causing less damage to the walls when you install the AC unit.

No security problems

The security advantage that comes with a ductless system also stems from the fact that they are connected through a small hole. When there are ducts, you will notice that you will have to create larger spaces through the walls. This could pose a security threat, and you have to look for ways of covering up for that part. Imagine what would happen if your ducts break, or something happens and they get unplugged. They definitely will leave a huge opening that will take a lot of work to fill.

They are not easily visible or audible

Air conditioning does not have to take up too much space in your house. Even though you want a system that provides the best temperatures, you do not want one that will stick out for everyone to see. It is what you get when you go for the ductless system because they are not easily visible. They are the ones that you can conceal with ease if you do not want people to see them. In addition to that, they are the right choice if you want construction contractors to help you reduce the amount of sound that such machines produce.

Energy efficiency

Are you looking for HVAC systems that do not consume too much energy? If you are not happy with the inflated energy bills, it may be time to upgrade some of the machines that you use at home. Studies have shown that systems that have ducts are likely to consume more power. Because of this revelation, your focus should be on finding the ductless ones so that you do not have to worry about bills anymore.

The benefits of inverter-driven compressors

The main mechanism that helps ductless HVAC systems to function is the use the inverter-driven compressors to automatically test the needs of the systems. These compressors will speed up or slow down the process so that the temperatures are kept at the right level. On the other hand, the systems that do not have such compressors often shut down completely meaning that they will have to be started again when the temperatures fall or rise. Any professional air conditioning installations expert will tell you that such a process consumes a lot of power compared to the automatic systems.

From the information above, it is clear that installing ductless systems is one of the best decisions that you can ever make. In addition to that, they can be used both at home and at the office, meaning that you can move with them anywhere. To get the best results, you need to make sure that you choose high-quality AC systems. After getting the right ones, you should contact an installation contractor so that they can install them properly. Even when you find the best HVAC systems in the world, they will not help you much if they are not fitted correctly, and so, finding a contractor is something you cannot take lightly.