How To Cut Down on Heating and Cooling Costs

How To Cut Down on Heating and Cooling Costs

Mar 18, 2016 | Blog

Keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter can be surprisingly difficult on a dime. You could dole out the sweaters and the fans to your family, but there are even better ways to maximize the heating and cooling systems that are hard at work in your home. Follow these tricky tips to the get the most out of your furnace and air conditioners and lower your utility bill.

Old water heaters are liable to count for as much as 30% of your home’s entire energy consumption while deciding to switch to high-efficiency air conditioners could seriously reduce energy use by up to 50%. Although furnaces typically last 15 to 18 years, once it gets on the older side, it may cost you money. Check with a local plumber for a cost-benefit analysis of the costs of a new furnace.

Program Your Thermostat
There is no need to have the heat or air conditioning blasting when you’re not home. Program it to turn off around the time you wake up, and turn back on an hour or so before you arrive home so you always get to enjoy a comfortable home, at much less cost.

Replace Worn Weatherstripping
The better insulated your home is, the less hard your HVAC system has to work to cool and heat your home. In addition to replacing weatherstripping, it is a good idea to adjust door thresholds, eliminate drafts around electrical boxes, insulate the attic, crawl spaces, and any other holes, and cover windows and patio doors with plastic film.

Use Natural Resources
By this, we mean the sun and landscaping elements. Well-placed trees and shrubs can seriously cut back on cooling costs and make elements of your HVAC system work better. By installing good quality shades indoors and opening them at the right times, you can keep your home conversely hot or cool.

It’s important to get furnace repair or HVAC Service as soon as you detect a problem to guarantee fast and efficient resolutions. Lower your utility bill by working with your heating and cooling system — not against it!