The Ductless Mini Split AC System, Keep Your Home Cool And Efficient

The Ductless Mini Split AC System, Keep Your Home Cool And Efficient

Jul 1, 2019 | Blog

Amenities are a necessary expense for the home, yet it also may be unexpectedly high in cost.

For U.S homeowners., air conditioning may cost over $11 billion annually, although regular maintenance may lessen these costs by ensuring more efficient functioning. The best action to take, however, would be to switch to a high-efficiency AC unit and to keep the home cool through other actions which could potentially reduce AC energy use by 20% to 50%.

When it comes to air conditioner installations higher in efficiency, consider the mini split AC system.

The Ductless Mini Split AC System

The mini split AC system is a ductless system, which means they don’t suffer from the losses in energy associated with ducts. Over 30% of energy may be lost due to space within the system. Not to mention, ductwork is expensive to have installed.

When it comes to the mini split AC system, ducts are taken completely out of the picture, as they consist of two components, an indoor air-handling unit, and an outdoor compressor/condenser unit, and installation only involves a hole in a wall for a conduit.

The Benefits Of A Mini Split AC System

A mini split AC does much more than lower your utility bill.

    • For homes that do not already have ducts installed, these smaller AC alternatives may be much cheaper. It requires much more effort to lay out ductwork within a house than to drill a three-inch hole in the wall and install the indoor and outdoor units of a mini split AC.
    • When it comes to serving individual needs, a mini split AC system installed in several rooms will provide each with its own environment. Different temperatures can be set for different rooms, and this means much less conflict within the household over control of the thermostat.
    • A ductless system means that air won’t be shared amongst rooms of a home. Let’s say a cooking incident happens in the kitchen. Smoke from a burned meal won’t be transferred over to another room.

Besides AC, How Else Can I Keep The Home Cool>

Outside of an AC unit, other actions can be taken to reduce energy consumption and lower your utility bill.

For one, insulation is key. A well-insulated home prevents the loss of heat or cold. In order to better insulate your home, keep track of the little gaps and cracks – particularly underneath and around door frames, around windows, perhaps any holes in the walls. Focus on covering those up, and you’ll find that a lot less heat will sneak its way into your home.

Consider window coverings. Sunlight throughout the day does make a room warmer, so opt to cover them. Thermal curtains or shades will do more than a sheer covering, and for the most extreme of measures, a blackout curtain will insulate from sunlight the most.