The Mighty Ductless: 3 Advantages Of Ductless Heating And Cooling Systems

The Mighty Ductless: 3 Advantages Of Ductless Heating And Cooling Systems

Jan 14, 2019 | Blog

Old houses are notorious for their inability to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By relying on clunky and ancient furnaces and AC units, the energy efficiency in the home suffers; heating boilers and air conditioning systems need to work harder to achieve the desired temperatures. Add to that the extra maintenance involved in ducted systems (constant attention must be paid to the ductwork that spans throughout the living areas, and air filters must be routinely swapped out) and you’ve got a situation that’s more trouble than its worth.

Ductless systems, on the other hand, offer a wealth of benefits compared to traditional HVAC units. Let’s take a look at three of them.

  • They’re flexible. When you eliminate ducts, you open up a world of possibility; you’re no longer beholden to their location for installation. This inherently makes upgrading old (inefficient) systems, heating newly constructed areas (like home additions), and improving temperature control in certain rooms significantly easier. You’ve got the power to decide where to put your ductless system and what to use it for.
  • They save you money. Statistics show that switching to high-efficiency AC units can reduce energy use by between 20% and 50%; when you upgrade to ductless units, you’ll be selecting a highly efficient method of both heating and cooling which could have a big impact on monthly savings. Since they also offer homeowners more control (you can keep the living room nice and toasty while the bedroom remains cool), they conserve energy and cost alike — no more heating unoccupied rooms.
  • They improve air quality. Ductless heating and cooling systems come with multiple built-in filtration systems. Traditional HVAC units need to be routinely cleaned to ensure that dust and allergens from the outdoors aren’t brought indoors. Ductless systems remove the need for professional services, putting just a little extra money back in your pocket and allowing you to confidently breathe your clean and fresh air.

When you upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system to a ductless system, you trade in costly maintenance for efficiency and convenience. It’s time to let that ancient heating and cooling unit go; upgrade to a ductless system today and watch as your carbon footprint and monthly bills drop in tandem.