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Mini Split AC System

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are up to 40% more efficient compared to conventional systems

Mitsubishi Electric mini split and multi split systems are highly efficient, up to 40% more efficient than conventional systems and you can turn them on or off when they are not in use. So you save energy and money on your utility bill.

HOW DOES A Mitsubishi Electric HEAT PUMP WORK?

To provide heat, the outdoor heat pump absorbs heat energy from the outside air and transfers it to the inside unit via the refrigerant. The refrigerant is compressed, increasing its temperature significantly when it reaches the indoor coil. A fan blows air over the heated coil to deliver warm air to the room. This heating process is much cleaner and better for the planet than burning fossil fuels, providing zero emissions.

With air conditioning, the process is reversed; the indoor evaporator unit absorbs and sends the room’s heat energy to the outdoor unit compressor. The vapor is condensed back into a cold liquid that cools and returns to the indoor unit coil. The fan blows across the cold coil to provide cool air.


Heat pumps and conventional furnaces or air conditioning units are both used for heating and cooling homes and buildings, but they have some key differences. Heat pumps use electricity, while furnaces and AC units are powered by the burning of fossil fuels, which contribute to toxic fumes in the space. Conventional systems are centralized, and only have a single point of filtration for the entire home. Heat pumps offer continuous air circulation and advanced filtration, and can be placed in multiple rooms in a home.


There are places in faraway corners of the world where air is more pristine… more refreshing… where ultimate comfort awaits anyone who dares to find it. What if one of these places was your home? Introduce yourself to Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating solutions. Our quest for creating air as pristine as the world’s most refreshing places has helped us develop a breakthrough solution – cooling and heating so remarkable it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Until now.


Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions give you the most advanced technology that allows you to enjoy more precise comfort in one or multiple rooms – while saving on energy bills and contributing to a greener planet.

Unlike traditional ducted systems, Carlson Duluth ductless mini split AC systems give you the flexibility to transform any room into an oasis of comfort. So now you can enjoy precise temperatures in sunrooms, workspaces, bedrooms, garages – we even have whole home solutions.

Because our systems allow you to control the temperature in individual room, you avoid the energy waste of having to cool or heat rooms you are not using.

Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating systems are known as the top choice among contractors and consumers. We’re the most trusted brand for reliability, service and support – offering more advanced technology and more solutions to save energy while improving comfort.

“Cooling and Heating systems that deliver air as pristine as the world’s most refreshing places.”

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